Vision & Values

Our goal is to empower our young people to develop the knowledge, skills and resilience to flourish, thrive and become respectful, kind, members of society.

Co-Operation, Resilience, Curiosity and Reflection

A school's core values are terms of practice that clearly define how everyone will work together to achieve the school's vision
Core values are not aspirations, and they are not self-congratulatory; they are practical.

At The Ferns, our core values have their roots within Building Learning Power (BLP).
Building Learning Power is about helping young people to become better learners, both in school and out. It puts at the heart of education the development of psychological characteristics that are judged to be of the highest value to young people growing up in a turbulent and demanding world. Within BLP, there is the image of the Supple Learning Mind.

The Supple Learning Mind captures each of the domains of learning:
• The Emotional …feeling…domain of learning
• The Cognitive …thinking…domain of learning
• The Social …relating…domain of learning
• The Strategic …managing….domain of learning



A curious mind, is one making the most of its cognitive learning skills. A curious learner asks questions, makes links in their learning, imagines what else might be possible, capitalises on their skills and experience and reasons about the world.

A resilient learner develops their emotional learning skills. They persevere when things are tricky, manage their distractions, uses their skill of becoming absorbed in their learning to make the most of every day and notices patterns in their experiences to move forwards.

A co-operative learner has great social skills. They are able to collaborate with other, imitate role models of success, empathise with others, listen and follow others when interdependence can help.

A reflective learner is a strategic one. They plan their learning, distill information, they know themselves as learners- meta learning and they are able to revise plans, learning and see new opportunities.


Our school mascot is Team Bee. Team Bee is visible in our school logo

 fernhill academy logo

 Team Bee helps us remember Co-operation

Alongside Team Bee, we have Curious Meerkat, Tough Tortoise who is resilient and Reflective Owl.


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