School Performance Data


We offer a curriculum which develops the whole child and encourages and enables all children to achieve their best in academic and non-academic subjects. Please be aware that Fernhill Primary converted to Academy Status on June 1, 2019. Results below for 2018/19 are for Fernhill Primary. The Ferns Primary Academy results will be reported for 2019/20.

As SATs did not take place in 2020 and 2021 and school results from SATs 2022 are not being published nationally, there is no recent data.

Our Standard Assessment Test (SATS) Results are published via the Department of Education school comparison website.

National Curriculum tests report results as 'scaled scores'. In order to meet the expected standard, children must achieve a scaled score of 100 or more in their SATs tests. A key indicator in these results is how The Ferns Primary Academy compares with the National average.

Average Progress Scores in Reading, Writing and Maths

The measures look at progress at a school level, rather than individual pupils. Progress measures provide you with information to help understand how The Ferns Primary Academy is performing and to inform your school choices. School progression scores are explained in detail in a Department of Education guide, Information for Schools and Parents: Primary School Progress Measures.


At The Ferns Primary Academy, we believe every child should be proud of his or her efforts and recognise that the journey for all children is different. We work hard to ensure all children make good progress relative to their starting points and this is reflected in progress scores.

Please see our Kite Assessment page for more information about internal data here.


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