Celebrating Success

Success takes many forms and it is our belief that success for each child is personal. What may be a small step for one child may be a huge leap for another so at The Ferns Primary Academy, we reward effort – not achievement. We believe instilling the ethos that it is important to strive to be the best you can be and not measure yourself against another helps build resilience, well being and happiness.

As stated within our behaviour policy, we strive to recognise the positive behaviours and effort our learners make. Recognition of success may take the form of verbal feedback in a lesson – highlighting the positive aspects to build upon.

Children who have been great role models to others by demonstrating our school rules: Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Ready are celebrated as good citizens through descriptive verbal praise and Good Citizens certificates awarded each Friday. Our Good Citizens receive a certificate.

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We use Class Dojo to provide regular praise points in class, for following our 1,2,3 code, showing our values and the showing learning skills. We can also celebrate manners in this way.

Once a week our school gathers together for a Celebration Assembly. At least one child from each class is chosen by their teacher in recognition of their positive learning behaviour to receive a Celebration Certificate. Children are also encouraged to bring trophies, badges and certificates received in activities outside of school to the assembly so these too can be recognised and celebrated.


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